Policies and Procedures

*If for any reason you need to cancel your service(s), a refund will be processed immediately.

*Services that are canceled less than a 24 hour notice by the client will have a $20 fee (half time). 

*A 50% deposit is due at the booking of a service. An itemized receipt will come to your email via PayPal.

*For your safety, Mama Concierge does not store any credit/debit card info without signed consent.

*Fees are calculated in 30 minute increments.

*The hourly rate does not include the cost of items if you need purchases.


*We reserve the right to refuse service requests we deem inappropriate.

*Confidential client information will not be shared beyond your service provider.  

*We prefer a 24 hour notice for requests. However, we will try to accommodate same-day requests.

*Most services are provided by the owner and if need be a small trustworthy reliable staff.

Tiffany of Mama Concierge has established relationships with several reputable service providers such as small business managers, house cleaners, errand runners, caterers, etc. All service providers are fully licensed, insured, and anxious to serve you!

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