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Our top 3 categories

1. "Wa La" (Low or no involvement)

Example client request: "Here's the room(s)/area(s) and it is a combo of essentials, clutter, crafts, possible garbage, etc. Can you please organize as is for a simpler set up and/or buy what's necessary for a better flow? I want to leave or be somewhere else in the house and come back and Wa La it is done like on HGTV!"

2. "I need a 2nd me" (Pretty involved)

Example client request: "Please assist me in rearranging, purging, cleaning out certain room(s)/area(s). I need to be present to direct & guide as you do the work so we can get this done together."

This is typical of a moving prep, changing of a child's room, re organization, or basement/attic sort where you need to make hands on decision and a clone (me!). 

3. Project Based

Example client requests:

a. Please organize my library in alphabetical order

b. Please organize my child's clothes into bins by size/season